Anyone planning to visit the USA will likely share the same itinerary: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, then perhaps Boston and/or Chicago if they have time. The thing is, there are so many incredible places to see outside of these major cities. Places that are missed, and often sadly not even considered. […]

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Capitol Reef National Park

As we drove down the long road leading into Capitol Reef we realised it wasn’t as big as the other national parks we’d been to but still very beautiful. You’re surrounded by these stunning red rock formations but in the middle of it all you have what seems like a small oasis, full of fruit […]

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Bryce Canyon National Park

We had the most scenic drive coming from Zion through to Bryce. Weaving through the beautiful canyons of Zion and out onto the highway, we arrived at our dispersed (another word for free) campsite in just over an hour. After a couple of days hiking with no shower we were super keen to get ourselves […]

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Zion National Park

As we drove down the dusty red track of our first campsite since hitting Utah, the clouds started to roll in and a crack of lightning struck in the distance. Although a little annoying that we had to box ourselves in after the drive instead of stretching our legs, the rain was a cooling change […]

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