When researching the best way to get to our next workaway in Catalonia’s Penedès region we found a cheap but very early flight leaving Seville and without even thinking went ahead and booked it. It was about a week later that we realised we’d have to leave Los Marines at 4:30am in order to make […]

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After working a week at our workaway in Catalonia’s Penédes region we thought it was time to make the trip in to Barcelona to see what all the fuss was about. I first contacted Anthony, a friend from Australia that we knew lived in Barcelona asking if he was available to catch up and perhaps […]

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Los Marines

Our Amovens driver Paco picked us up right outside Javier and Emily’s in Seville just as dusk started to fall. We were headed to the pueblo blanco or “white village” named Aracena, but would be spending the next month helping on a farm/B&B in the small neighbouring village of Los Marines. On the way we […]

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Anita and I very much wanted to visit Granada while we were in the south, so when I received a notification from Amovens about a lift leaving Aracena at 9am Friday we jumped on it quick smart. We’d usually have work on the farm on a Friday but our workaway host granted us a long […]

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The journey to Spain from Tangier would have easily been one of the most stressful and frustrating we’ve had on this trip so far. The lack of information, assistance, and punctuality we experienced combined to create one monster of a headache. It all started when we were told by a fellow traveller in Fes that […]

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