San Luis Potosí – Part II

When making our way back up through Mexico and into the USA, we decided to take the opportunity to see more of the country by taking an alternate route to when we came down but also returning again to the places we loved most. Our first stop was Villahermosa where we met with couchsurfing host […]

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We made our way across the Yucutan peninsula towards Mérida, deciding to first stop at cenote Xcanche, a wide-open sink hole reaching far into the sky from below. We were the only ones there so enjoyed the sounds of the birds chirping and water drops as we floated peacefully on our backs. After a while […]

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After a two hour drive with a stop in Pedro Antonio Santos for what Anita’s deemed “the best pineapple ever”, and another stop for a routine search by some friendly roadside policia federal, we finally arrived at Tulum on Mexico’s uber-popular Mayan Riviera. We had built up a bit of an appetite by this stage […]

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We rose just before the crack of dawn the morning of our long trip to Bacalar via Palenque. The reason we wanted to get on the road ASAP was that we planned to take the notorious Highway 199 to Palenque, a route that not even commercial buses run anymore. Not only are road blocks by […]

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San Cristóbal De Las Casas

The number one rule followed by foreign drivers in Mexico is NEVER drive at night. Not only are there a tonne of pot holes and topes (speed bumps) without notice, but there are wandering animals, drunk drivers, cars without headlights and of course, banditos. The chances of something bad happening skyrockets as soon as that […]

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Puerto Escondido

After making the hour and a half drive further up the Pacific Coast we finally pulled up outside Vivo Escondido, the hostel where we would be volunteering for the next three weeks. We were greeted by warm and welcoming volunteers Kate, Clau, Gab and Bruno, and given a quick tour of the superbly laid out […]

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When we were on our way to Zipolite on the Pacific Coast six hours south of Oaxaca city we didn’t really know what to expect. We knew that it was a clothing optional beach, yes, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. What we found though was a truly peaceful haven away from the […]

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We arrived in Oaxaca in the early afternoon, just as the traffic started to pick up. We parked in a vanping spot we found online which was in a small square in town. It seemed a little busy for those who were trying to vanp unnoticed and appreciate a quiet night’s sleep, so we decided […]

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Looking at the map we wanted to break up the drive from Mexico City to Oaxaca and found the most perfect stop along the way – the beautiful city of Puebla. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon when all the street markets were set up and crawling with people. After finding an overnight spot for […]

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Mexico City

We hit the road nice and early from Guanajuato as we planned to spend most of the day exploring the beautiful San Miguel de Allende before continuing on to Mexico City. After a short drive we soon arrived, parked, walked through the beautiful El Jardin, past the incredible Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel and up […]

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