After our early morning hike and perfectly greasy diner breakfast in Ogden, we continued on our way across and eventually out of Utah, entering the state of Idaho and headed towards the capital city of Boise.

Although we’d had some cold nights all across the states, it was in Idaho that we really started to feel it. We grabbed a few cans of soup for dinner in town and headed for the mountains, up a long dirt road which led higher and higher up into the sky. When we finally reached our free camp spot for the night we realised perching ourselves at high altitude overnight probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do in freezing cold weather. We did however have one of the most amazing views out across the city, and the day was slowly turning to night, so we thought we’d just rug up and tough it out.

We finished our last slurps of soup and quickly threw our belongings back in to Fuego, rushing to beat total darkness as the chilly breeze cut through us like razor blades. We threw layer after layer on, and dove under the blankets, trying our best to stay warm by also sharing body heat. It wasn’t long before we were warm, although any exposed skin quickly went numb; specifically our faces.

The next morning we woke to what look liked the inside of a freezer, with frozen condensation again lining the inside of our van. We jumped in the front and cranked the heaters, quickly defrosting the inside and ourselves in the process, then headed back down the long dirt road to the centre of town.

Before we got on our way, there was one place we didn’t want to leave without seeing, the Freak Alley Gallery, a Unique outdoor art gallery displaying a diverse, ever-changing collection of street art. We parked close boy and jumped out, walking in and around the alleys admiring the vast amount of work. As it was near freezing, we didn’t want to spend too long away from the heaters, so quickly jumped back into the warmth of Fuego and before we knew it were back on the road headed again for one of our favourite cities – Portland, Oregon.


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