After four nights of action-packed New York we decided it was time for us to continue our way up the east coast to the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Although having to cram what we wanted to see and do into one night in order to stay on schedule, we felt it certainly wasn’t impossible with adequate planning.

The first spot on our list was the highly prestigious Harvard University, although finding a parking space near the campus proved harder than getting accepted. In fact, 99% of the streets throughout the entire city of Boston have a two hour visitor parking limit. How stupid is that? Especially for those wishing to sleep in their van overnight. We ended up jumping on one of our many vanping websites and found a Home Depot, although a little distance out of town. Although far away from most of the big sites it was right near a train station, so we thought it was our best option given the parking situation.

After a bit of a stroll to the train station we discovered the ticketing system was a little harder to work out than expected. There wasn’t even an attendant on duty to help, so we decided to bite the bullet and walk the 40mins to Harvard through the streets of Boston. We weren’t really off to a good start, were we? The walk however gave us a great look of the city from a local’s eye, outside of the main and touristy parts of town.

Walking through the gates of Harvard we were really taken back by it’s beauty. It was late afternoon by this stage and so the old-style buildings and campus grounds lit up with the warm yellows and oranges of the afternoon sun. It also felt quite humbling, walking the same grounds as highly intellectual present and past students, including Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. After a bit of a wonder we took a quick detour past the gift shop before heading to Harvard Station, gaining the help of a transit officer as we jumped onto the next train heading to town.

When arriving in town we walked across to the beautiful and historic Beacon Hill, a neighbourhood of Federal-style rowhouses known for its narrow, gaslit streets and brick sidewalks. It’s said to be the most desired and expensive neighbourhood in Boston. We walked down, up, in and around before exiting Beacon Hill and making our way through Faneuil Hall Marketplace, drooling over all the different types of local and international cuisines on offer.

After a long drive from New York, spending most of the afternoon walking, and that infamous Boston chill starting to set in, we decided to jump on a train and head to the warmth of Wahlburgers, a casual burger joint owned and run by Mark Wahlberg and his two brothers, and coincidentally right next to famous Fenway Park – home of the Boston Red Sox. I chomped on a burger as Anita relished her salad, jumped on the next train, and headed back to Home Depot where we jumped into Fuego and wrapped ourselves up for what would be one of the chilliest nights on the trip so far.

Next stop, the incredible Niagra Falls on our way across to Windy City – Chicago.

– Dek



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