With a city so rich in history and home to such attractions as the Independance Hall where the Declaration of Independance and US Constitution were created, or the iconic symbol of American independance, the Liberty Bell, you’re probably wondering how we possibly decided to start our self-guided tour of Philly? With a giant Philly cheesesteak at Max’s Steaks of course.

Although in a pretty rough area of Philly we were welcomed at the counter with nothing but smiles and pleasantries. After waiting in a line of eager customers we finally reached the front, ordered our monster of a cheesesteak, and after some unwanted attention from staff and customers who had never seen anyone from Australia before, found a booth to sit at in the adjoining bar. And what a feast it was. A “half” was a foot long, and crammed with chopped sirloin steak, cheese, pickles, hot and sweet peppers, mayo and ketchup. Rich? Definitely. Delicious? Absolutely.

Thankfully Fuego was still there when we got back so we jumped in and headed to the hip area of Northern Liberties to park, have a bit of a walk around, and head in to town. We passed Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell and headed straight to the city’s biggest and best market – Reading Terminal Market.

We spent an hour or so drooling over everything in the display windows before taking ourselves on a walking tour of the city’s many public artworks. Philly, also known as the “city of murals”, is home to one of the largest street art projects in the US – the Mural Arts Program (MAP). Seemingly hundreds of pieces cover the city walls, and without even trying you’ll uncover some of the largest and most impressive.

After spending some time wandering the streets we begun to head back in the direction of Fuego, detouring past Paddy’s Old City Pub, the filming location for one of my all-time favourite shows “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. We then jumped back in the van and headed to the overnight vanping spot we found online, only to find out that it was positioned in a similar area to Max’s Steaks, so continued further out of the city to the safe and quiet streets of the suburbs.

Next stop, The Big Apple.

– Dek

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