After only a couple of short hours driving we’d reached America’s home of cowboy boots, hat tilts and honky tonks. Yep, we’d touched down in boot scootin’ Nashville!

We parked Fuego in our vanping spot for the night and made the short walk down to the most happening part of town, also known as The District. First thing we had to do was check out an authentic Nashvillian boot store, as quality made cowboy boots are something of a prized possession in these parts. The store had all different designs in all different colours, shapes and sizes. It was like stepping into a library of boots. After my head stopped spinning we continued our way further into The District, walking along brightly-lit Broadway before deciding on our honky tonk for the night – Robert’s Western World. With knee-slapping country, a lively crowd and 2.50USD PBR’s (beers), we’d most definitely found our spot for the night.

After a few rounds and sing alongs we’d built up an appetite, so decided to stumble all the way to the end of Broadway to Hattie B’s Fried Chicken, apparently one of the best eats in Nashville with the line outside only backing the claim. The piece of fried chicken I received was almost the size of a basketball, and although everything a piece of fried chicken should be, still fell well behind Dooky Chase’s.

After our evening out on the town we returned to find Fuego parked alone in the previously crowded lot we’d left him. A scan of the area uncovered that we were actually parked next to a tightly guarded correctional facility, the lot probably only really used by employees. Although a little creepy, we determined that next to a jail was probably one of the safest places you could park – besides outside a police station – so jumped in the back and got straight to sleep.

Although we would have liked to spend more time in Nashville and even Memphis before, an upcoming event in North Carolina meant we had to keep things moving in order to make it in time. More on that later.

Next stop, the moonshine sipping, Smoky Mountains town of Gatlinburg.

– Dek

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