With a city so rich in history and home to such attractions as the Independance Hall where the Declaration of Independance and US Constitution were created, or the iconic symbol of American independance, the Liberty Bell, you’re probably wondering how we possibly decided to start our self-guided tour of Philly? With a giant Philly cheesesteak […]

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Washington D.C.

We rose super early in Raleigh to make our four hour drive across Virginia into DC, just in time to meet friend Tommy at the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins NFL game. Yep, combined with the previous night’s NHL, it was going to be a big weekend of sports. We weren’t actually attending the game […]

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Although maybe not the first city someone recommends to visit in North Carolina, we were headed to Raleigh for one main reason – to watch the Chicago Blackhawkes vs the North Carolina Hurricanes in our first ever ice hockey game. We investigated cheap NHL tickets when we were in Mexico and as the South isn’t […]

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Gatlinburg wasn’t actually on our list of overnight stops as we made our way across Tennessee but a delayed lunch stop in Knoxville meant that we were a little behind schedule. We had originally planned to stop briefly to pick up a jar or two of moonshine but as we’d only reached the small town […]

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After only a couple of short hours driving we’d reached America’s home of cowboy boots, hat tilts and honky tonks. Yep, we’d touched down in boot scootin’ Nashville! We parked Fuego in our vanping spot for the night and made the short walk down to the most happening part of town, also known as The […]

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We started our drive from New Orleans early, cutting straight across Mississipi and landing in the city of Memphis, the first of our stops in our journey across Tennessee. A city rich in culture and history, Memphis has produced a heap of legendary artists including BB King, Otis Redding and even “The King” himself, so […]

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