New Orleans

After yet another long drive, this time from Austin to the lively streets of N’Orleans, we were ready for some tucker, and what better than a crunchy, shrimp-stuffed po’ boy to satisfy our hunger. We wiped our mouths clean, dusted off our hands and sunk back into our seats satisfied, deciding it was time to check out the world famous French Quarter.

We found a quiet and free vanping spot just outside the perimeter and made our way in, side-stepping stumbling drunks as we walked down notorious Bourbon Street, gawking at all the bright neon lights and packed out bars. After a long day on the road we decided to skip the obligatory drink and hit the sack early, getting an early start in the next day to make up for it.

So that’s exactly what we did, making our way down the quiet streets lined with beautiful French colonial homes with American flags to Café Du Monde, a coffee shop that’s been in New Orleans for well over a century and has been serving café au lait and beignets for just as long. We couldn’t help but order a plate of the beignets but opted for straight blacks on the side. Call us calorie-conscious, I guess (yeah right).

After our kick-start breakfast we had a wander around the historic district and up Frenchmen Street, astonishingly stumbling on a Banksy piece along our way. After a while we determined that nothing was really open until 12pm, so we decided to head over to Dooky Chase’s for an early lunch. Legendary Creole chef Leah Chase has been serving soul food with her late husband for many years and have formed somewhat of a New Orleans institution in the process. Even ex-President Obama has dined at the popular restaurant, which with a $20 buffet lunch was just too good of an offer to pass up.

We had plate after plate of everything from mustard greens and sauteed beans to mac n cheese and jambalaya, but the real stand out for us was the crispy but juicy fried chicken – some of the best we’ve ever had. We then followed it all down with a generous serving of peach cobbler and cream. We. Were. Stuffed.

And so after our lunch the shops started to open, so we spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping while exploring the rest of the city, working hard to work off our day of indulgence and sitting down only to watch the sun set over the Mississipi.

Next on our hit list – Tennessee!

– Dek

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