San Luis Potosí – Part II

When making our way back up through Mexico and into the USA, we decided to take the opportunity to see more of the country by taking an alternate route to when we came down but also returning again to the places we loved most.

Our first stop was Villahermosa where we met with couchsurfing host Luis and joined him for a very American dinner of wings, burgers and beers. He mentioned that his housemates were having a halloween party that evening but after a long day of driving and another ahead of us the following morning we crashed out before things even started to warm up.

We woke early the next morning to the incoherant singing of a drunk hombre, gathered our stuff and hit the road for another 7 hours of driving, this time arriving in the beautiful city of Puebla, a personal favourite of ours and a city we just had to return to. We visited our favourite taco restaurant and ice creamery, wandered through the evening artisan market and enjoyed some very colourful Dia de Muertos celebrations, then got some rest for the next leg of our journey the following day.

After yet another 7 hours of driving we finally arrived in San Luis Potosí and were greeted by our old couchsurfing host and good friend Dan, his wonderful family, and international house guest Chang. We were immediately fed and turned straight back around, headed for Dan’s university to get an unofficial tour of the campus and to see the beautiful Dia de Muertos alters that were being prepared by students of the school.

The next morning Dan took Anita to the hospital he works to have a minor yet persistant stomach issue diagnosed while I fixed up and cleaned Fuego in preperation for sale. Once Anita returned, Dan’s mum Laura took us all into town to buy some “offerings” for the family’s personal alter at home, then took us on a tour of downtown, showing us all the amazingly beautiful alters that were on display. It’s truly mind-blowing how much work goes into the decorations for the annual celebration. To end the evening we met up with Dan who had just finished work and had a street food feast of tacos rojo, tortas and warm aloté – all local treats we insisted on trying on our return to the city.

Our last day in San Luis was the biggest of the Dia de Muertos celebrations, and as all the family had the day off we made the trip to Media Luna – a crystal clear lagoon in San Luis Potosí’s La Huasteca region. Before reaching the water we stopped by Dan’s parents’ hometown where they paid their respects to family that’d passed. As it‘s such a big day for Mexicans the cemetary was full of people gathering and laying flowers in rememberance. It’s amazing to see just how much death is celebrated in Mexico. After spending the day splashing about in some of the clearest water we’ve ever seen, having a bite to eat and visiting even more relatives of the family, we made the long journey back home where we spent our last hours sipping michilatas and reminising on the fun times shared together.

And so just when we thought we couldn’t possibly top the first time we visited San Luis Potosí, we did. Dan and his family are the best hosts we could ever ask for, taking the time to show us the very best of their state and colourful culture. They truly are our family away from family and we hope to see them all again one day soon.

Next stop, Texas. Yeehaw!

– Dek

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