New Orleans

After yet another long drive, this time from Austin to the lively streets of N’Orleans, we were ready for some tucker, and what better than a crunchy, shrimp-stuffed po’ boy to satisfy our hunger. We wiped our mouths clean, dusted off our hands and sunk back into our seats satisfied, deciding it was time to […]

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After the very long drive to the border of Texas we weren’t looking forward to the inevitable harassment and interrogation by US border security. Surprisingly though, we were stamped through with nothing more than a nod and a smile, so hastily jumped back into Fuego and shot up to San Antonio where we celebrated our […]

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San Luis Potosí – Part II

When making our way back up through Mexico and into the USA, we decided to take the opportunity to see more of the country by taking an alternate route to when we came down but also returning again to the places we loved most. Our first stop was Villahermosa where we met with couchsurfing host […]

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We made our way across the Yucutan peninsula towards Mérida, deciding to first stop at cenote Xcanche, a wide-open sink hole reaching far into the sky from below. We were the only ones there so enjoyed the sounds of the birds chirping and water drops as we floated peacefully on our backs. After a while […]

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After a two hour drive with a stop in Pedro Antonio Santos for what Anita’s deemed “the best pineapple ever”, and another stop for a routine search by some friendly roadside policia federal, we finally arrived at Tulum on Mexico’s uber-popular Mayan Riviera. We had built up a bit of an appetite by this stage […]

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