Looking at the map we wanted to break up the drive from Mexico City to Oaxaca and found the most perfect stop along the way – the beautiful city of Puebla.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon when all the street markets were set up and crawling with people. After finding an overnight spot for Fuego we did some wandering through the markets ourselves, inspecting all the handmade arts, crafts and food on offer. We also took a walk down Calle de los Dulces or “Sweet Street”, drooling over the windows full of Mexican sweets.

After working up a bit of an appetite we found a small yet very busy eatery serving up delicious looking tacos so decided to drop in. Looking around the restaurant we noticed people were buying a plate of meat shavings and building there own so decided to do the same. For 7AUD we got half a kilogram of pork, tortillas, a plate of onion, pineapple, corriander and salsas. We were absolutely stuffed – and for seriously next to nothing. After dinner we returned to Calle de los Dulces for an ice cream at one of the best creameries we’ve been to. And at 1.80AUD for a generous double scoop, we were in foodie heaven.

The following morning was dampened by rain, so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to visit some museums. We started at Museo Amparo, one of the most important historical museums in Mexico. After a bit of a walk around we continued on to check out the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, a public library founded in 1646 and the first in colonial Mexico, some even saying all of the Americas. We finished our cultural tour with a drive to the Museo Internacional Barroco, a beautifully modern museum by Japanese architect Toyoo Itō. Although the building and surrounding areas were stunning, the exhibits were quite limited and to be frank, a little underwhelming.

The morning of our last day in Puebla was spent exploring the colourful neighbourhood of Xanenetla. Although once known as quite a dodgy area an art collective decided they’d bring new life to the sleepy barrio, working to create a number of striking murals which can be seen on close to every wall. We spent an hour or so just wandering the narrow alleyways, holding onto our valuables tightly following the advice of a caring passer by.

That evening we met Ceci, a family friend of Marco and Caro’s from Mexico City. She very kindly offered to host us for the night meaning we were able to shower and enjoy some company with our new friend and her visiting mum. The next morning we were even served a delicious breakfast, right before we hit the road to our next stop – Oaxaca.

Thank you Ceci for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to properly freshen up before the next leg of our journey. It really makes all the difference!

– Dek

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