Thanks to the main exit road out of San Luis Potosí being under construction and no obvious detour in place we spent close to 45 minutes driving in circles and dodgy neighbourhoods before finally reaching the highway leading to the next of our destinations – Guanajuato.

The city is absolutely beautiful, nestled deep in the mountains and full of colourful colonial architecture and narrow alleyways. It felt very European. When we arrived we parked Fuego and walked into town, taking a short evening tour to get our bearings. The town was buzzing, full of busy restaurants and live street performances. It had such a great vibe. After our short stroll we returned to Fuego and spent little to no time getting to sleep.

The next morning we grabbed some tamales, chilli lime fruit salad and horchata for breakfast then went on another wander around town, resting in the Jardin de la Union and walking through the Mercado Hildago to Callejón Del Beso, the famous alley where two forbidden lovers lent across neighbouring balconies to kiss in secret. Myth has it that kissing on the steps of this alleyway awards couples with eternal love, but the hassling beggers managed to take the romance out of it for Anita and I.

After a few flavour-packed tortas for lunch and a bit of relax time in the park, we made our way up to El Pipila for the most perfect view out across the city. Zooming motorbikes, yelling street vendors and church bells ringing in the distance – I love listening to the little sounds that make up a city. After spending some time taking it all in we returned to Fuego and spent the rest of our evening relaxing.

Although small with limited choice in activities we really loved Guanajuato. We found that simply getting lost in the streets with a few random stops here and there was the best way to experience the city, and exactly what we plan to do when we surely return on our way back up north.

– Dek

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