Bryce Canyon National Park

We had the most scenic drive coming from Zion through to Bryce. Weaving through the beautiful canyons of Zion and out onto the highway, we arrived at our dispersed (another word for free) campsite in just over an hour.

After a couple of days hiking with no shower we were super keen to get ourselves clean and fresh, so after a thorough wash with our handy pressure sprayer we were feeling a million bucks! We then made ourselves some refried bean tortillas, sat back, and listened to the sweet sound of nothing as the sun fell behind the mountains.

The next morning we woke up at a reasonable hour because the packed days prior had finally caught up with us. We bumped the planned sunrise hike and instead used the day to drive between each of the view points along the main road of Bryce. Although beautiful, after the third or fourth point we began to feel that we were seeing a lot of the same thing, that is of course until we arrived at Inspiration Point, by far the most breathtaking outlook in the park.

And then we were back at it again. Waking up the following morning to make it to the Queen’s Garden trailhead before sunrise, we brushed our teeth, wet-wiped our face, and as hoped were there for the first sign of light. As soon as we started the trail we were taken back by it’s magnificence. All the different colours and shades, changing as the sun rose higher. We were the only ones walking down into the canyon at that time; it really felt like we were on another planet.

We weaved further down the track before it flattened out for a few hundred metres and led us to Wall Street, a narrow, winding section that has you staring up at towering cliff faces on either side the entire way up to the rim. It was incredible.

The hike was surprisingly quick compared to previous hikes we’d done, so we finished with plenty of time to stop by a local shop for a hot cup of joe and some quality wifi time. Next stop, Capitol Reef National Park!

– Dek

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