After a bit of a delay at the border we finally crossed into the USA and were on our way to Seattle, making it just in time for their evening rush hour. We navigated our way to to the centre of the city where a friend of mine from Australia, Boyd, had a guest parking spot waiting for us.

We parked Fuego and headed down to the incredibly popular Pike Place Chowder for a hot, creamy bowl of clam chowder. After licking our lips clean we grabbed Fuego and headed out of the city to a casino where we would be parking for the night. Many 24hr casinos offer overnight parking to their “loyal” customers but also extend this offer to travelling RVs in an obvious attempt to rope them in. It not only means you’re able to park in a safely patrolled area but also have access to a bathroom.

The next morning we woke at dawn, hoping to beat the morning traffic heading into Seattle. Even at 6am we experienced bumper to bumper traffic, but with the packed day we had planned we were glad we didn’t leave it any later. We first parked Fuego and walked back to Pike Place Market to visit the very first Starbucks opened and grab our morning hit of caffiene.

After walking by Seattle’s famous Gum Wall we walked an hour out of the city to Kurt Cobain’s very modest and now privately-owned house where he tragically shot himself in 1994. The park bench next door had hundreds of old and new messages from fans, something which made our visit all the more moving. After Cobain’s house we walked another hour to the legendary Bruce Lee’s grave site. Another tragic story of an incredibly influencial person who lost their life way too early.

After our morning of crime scenes and tomb stones it was time for something a little lighter. We walked through the beautiful Gas Works Park, stopping briefly to enjoy the view of Seattle, then continued on to the Fremont Troll, a huge sculpture which funnily enough sits under a bridge. By this stage our huge day of walking had us hungry, so we went to near by Paseo for an incredibly delicious Caribbean pork sandwhich.

After lunch we made our way back to the city where we decided to check out Pike Place Market while buzzing with activity. We weaved through the stalls collecting samples then headed back up the hill to meet Boyd at his apartment. After a few hours of catching up and a hot shower we collected Fuego and hit the road heading south, stopping at a rest stop to get a good night’s sleep, for the next day we would be heading along the scenic Oregon Coast Highway to the next of our west coast destinations – Portland!

– Dek

One thought on “Seattle

  1. That pic of the fish place looked familiar to me- so I googled it and sure enough it was featured in a motivational/marketing video (THE FISH) I saw years back when working for T Rex. Do they still do this as part of showing how you should have fun at work and therefore attracting customers?


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