Both the night and rain started to fall when our bus finally arrived in the far north of Morocco, so we were quite eager to jump in a cab and head straight to Ahmed’s, our Couchsurfing host for the next two nights. As per usual the cab drivers standing directly outside the station demanded a ridiculous price, so we hung around long enough to haggle them down and then got on our way.

Ahmed is a professional photographer and videographer who’s been living in Tangier for over ten years. He was such a warm, friendly and genuinely curious host. He welcomed us into his two-story apartment where we met his lovely wife and three young boys, then dissapeared to let us get settled in. Not even ten minutes later he reappeared with a chicken tagine, bread and Moroccan salad, all just for us! We were certainly not expecting dinner and just so completely grateful. We spent some time getting to know each other over dinner before saying good night and laying our heads to rest.

The following morning we joined Ahmed for one of his weekly meet ups, another feature of Couchsurfing where like-minded travellers and hosts can meet new people, exchange cultures, and basically just spend time getting to know one another. We invited our friend Marlee and her new friend Zac along too, and spent the morning chatting over brunch before Jarred, an expat from Bermuda and friend of Ahmed’s, offered to show us around the city.

We walked along the beach, up through the medina, stopped for some delicious charcoal chicken for lunch then continued on through the park to a popular look-out spot to relax. After a fantastic day exploring, we said our final goodbyes to Marlee and our new friends and headed back to Ahmed’s, where we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at samples of his work and learning a few of his shooting techniques. After an hour or two, Ahmed’s family reappeared for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening eating, practising bits of each other’s language and laughing together.

And just like that our two fantastic months in Morocco had come to an end. We had met so many great people who we now call friends, seen, tasted and experienced so many incredible things, and finally ticked off one of our most wished-for travel destinations. Laters, Morocco! It’s been fun.

– Dek

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