Anita and I very much wanted to visit Granada while we were in the south, so when I received a notification from Amovens about a lift leaving Aracena at 9am Friday we jumped on it quick smart. We’d usually have work on the farm on a Friday but our workaway host granted us a long […]

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The journey to Spain from Tangier would have easily been one of the most stressful and frustrating we’ve had on this trip so far. The lack of information, assistance, and punctuality we experienced combined to create one monster of a headache. It all started when we were told by a fellow traveller in Fes that […]

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Both the night and rain started to fall when our bus finally arrived in the far north of Morocco, so we were quite eager to jump in a cab and head straight to Ahmed’s, our Couchsurfing host for the next two nights. As per usual the cab drivers standing directly outside the station demanded a […]

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Nestled into Morocco’s Rif Mountains and originally a fortress to fight off the invading Portugese, Chefchaouen dates all the way back to the 15th-century. Although seized in 1920 to form part of Spanish Morocco, Spain eventually returned the city in 1956, but obvious signs of their influence still remain today. Most of Chaouen’s population speak […]

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Our bus ride to Fes was probably one of the most scenic we’ve had since arriving in Morocco. Not only were we surrounded by rolling green hills and pristine blue lakes, but as we reached further into the High Atlas Mountains we even passed through falling snow. It was really surreal. We arrived late that […]

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When we arrived in Tinghir in the early afternoon, Hassan, a worker from our hostel collected us from the bus stop. We saw that there was an optional “free pick up” service when we booked but didn’t think it meant a guided short walk back to the hostel. We would have saved them the hassle […]

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