I was 18 months old the last time I visited Athens, so to say that I was excited to see my Greek family after all these years was definitely an understatement. Our first few days were spent exploring Athens city with my parents. We visited the must-see Acropolis, the weekend flea market, and Amou Street, […]

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Only days before leaving for Santorini we were told of planned strikes at Athens airport. If the strikes were to go ahead it would mean our flights would be cancelled. We were gutted. After accepting that we wouldn’t be flying and spending the following few days questioning where we could go instead, we received last […]

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Once the initial shock of my parent’s surprise arrival subsided we decided to continue with my very loosely planned Greece itinerary. What this meant though was having to cancel another Couchsurfing host that I’d lined up for our next stop, Paxos, and instead upgrade to an Airbnb that would accommodate us all. No complaints there, […]

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Now that the surprise has been successfully executed I’m free to talk about what had been secretly planned for weeks with Anita’s parents, Jim and Janice, for our arrival into Greece. Jim contacted me on Facebook stating that he and Janice were planning to surprise Anita by meeting us for the Greece leg of our […]

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We didn’t get to spend as much time as we’d liked in Albania but I can safely say that it was the warm, welcoming people and unexpectedly delicious food that made the time we did spend there so pleasurable. Tirana, the capital, was our first stop and it was here that we had our first […]

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Montenegro, specifically Kotor, has been one of our favourite places on our trip so far. The scenery, the people, the food – everything. We stayed in Old Town which was such a beautiful place. It’s not a large Old Town in comparison to say Dubrovnik or Prague, but this only added to it’s cozy, villagey […]

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