Hvar has a reputation as a party island and we got that impression as soon as we landed. Million dollar yachts docked in the harbour and lines of fancy restaurants and bars; the island certainly had all the right ingredients.

We’ve been visiting in the shoulder season which we’ve found to be perfect for us. The weather still feels a lot like summer, places are much less crowded and the accomodation prices are low. Maybe not the best time if you’re after a pumping night life but it suits Anita and I just fine. We checked in to our hostel, dropped our bags then headed for one of the many small beaches that surround the island.

The beaches here aren’t like we know them back home. They’re still very beautiful of course but just without waves, sand (just pebbles) and usually very small. I’m continued to be blown away by the water though. You can see every little fish without even having to enter the water!

We had a very quiet night that night, which isn’t what most of the other guests can say. We booked into a party hostel because of it’s spectacular location and awesome price, but with that comes what you’d expect from a party hostel. Even the staff hit it hard. In fact, I’d say harder than the guests!

There are some members of staff whose sole responsibility as “entertainer” is to take groups of guests out to party at the local bars and clubs. They’re paid a commission on each head, as well as given free drinks all night. After a long five-month summer season these guys looked pretty broken but were still pulling all-nighters. I have no idea how they do it, both physically and mentally.

After a few unexpected wake up calls and the constant wafts of a funny smelling incense we finally sprung out of bed to tackle Napoleon Fortress, walking past other guests who were only just returning from a night out.

It wasn’t a necessarily hard or long trek to the top but we were rewarded with the best view across Hvar town and out to the other islands. After taking in the view for some time we grabbed some things for lunch, inhaled them promptly, then headed to some cliff jumps we’d been told about.

When we finally got to the cliffs it looked a bit sketchy so we picked a neighbouring bay with a wharf to park ourselves on for the afternoon. This place was beautiful. A small, quiet, uncrowded bay surrounded by houses nestled into the mountains.

After a swim, dinner, and a quick chat on our hostel roof to a group that were prepping for their second big night in a row, we retired to our beds to rest up for our next stop – Dubrovnik.

– Dek

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