Weligama really had it all. An abundance of beautiful beaches, cheap and tasty Sri Lankan food, and top notch medical treatment. Yep, you read right.

As soon as we arrived we jumped off the bus and immediately started looking for somewhere to eat. We were starving! We found a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with some of the cheapest prices we’ve seen in Sri Lanka. We were sceptical at first but in the end pleasantly surprised. After a satisfying lunch we headed for our guesthouse.

Our very friendly host welcomed us in, showed us our room, and moments later arrived at the door with a tray of welcome tea. What a nice gesture. After our tea and a bit of a chat, we took a walk down to the closest beach.

Like Tangalle, it wasn’t really swimming weather but we managed to stumble on a walk that took us right along the coast. I don’t know what it is but there’s something almost calming about the ocean on a wet and windy day.

On our way, we came across a house with a few dining tables and chairs on the patio selling “home-style Sri Lankan curry”. The owner hurried out to greet us and explained that they make to order and pride themselves on the freshest ingredients and authentic flavours. A quick Google showed stellar reviews, so we booked a table for dinner. After walking a little further, we realised the walk had actually taken us back to our guesthouse. Perfect!

That night we returned to the restaurant and had a feast. A number of delicious vegetable curries were brought out with a big plate of rice. The coconut sambal was easily the best we’ve had, while Anita was just thankful to have greens. It was at that moment that my stomach really started acting up.

Over the last few days my stomach hadn’t felt quite right. I’d experience dull cramps, and when I’d eat a meal, I’d feel really full, even from light meals. I didn’t pay much attention to it until that night. It started with me feeling ridiculously full, like borderline needing to throw up, then having severe pains in the side of my stomach, so bad I had to lie down. I thought I’d better see a doctor.

The following day as I was describing my symptoms to the doctor, he prodded me in the stomach a few times and smiled, scribbled some notes on a piece of paper and told me I had gastritis, an inflamation of the stomach lining. Looks like all that chilli had finally caught up with me! He prescribed me some meds and told me to avoid spicy, fatty and fried foods. I had to laugh because he quite literally described the only types of meals available in Sri Lanka. I guess it’s steamed rice for me for the next week.

– Dek

One thought on “Weligama

  1. My last try- (the system keeps on logging me out) – thank you both very much for sharing your SL experiences and uplifting us with those fabulous photos – keep them coming through Europe please!xxoo


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