Our Airbnb in Dubrovnik was located just outside of town. After a scenic walk through the many alleyways and backstreets, we finally reached Old Town only to find it crawling with tourists. It was very impressive however we were fed up with having to dodge and weave through tour groups and ‘Game of Thrones’ fans […]

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Hvar has a reputation as a party island and we got that impression as soon as we landed. Million dollar yachts docked in the harbour and lines of fancy restaurants and bars; the island certainly had all the right ingredients. We’ve been visiting in the shoulder season which we’ve found to be perfect for us. […]

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As soon as our ferry docked at Bol we knew it was going to be something special. All I could say to Derek as we walked through the town was “wow”. Crystal clear water, a surreal mountain backdrop and extremely friendly locals. I’d fallen in love with the place and we hadn’t even reached our […]

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We rose nice and early to catch our 5am bus from Budabest to Zagreb. Given that it was a Sunday morning, the dregs of Saturday night were still walking around like zombies and hovering around the warm lights of kebab shops like moths to a flame. Luckily we didn’t run into any problems. We pulled […]

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My first impression of Budapest wasn’t what I expected it to be. We’d heard such good things but to me it was more quirky than pretty. There were lots of “colourful” characters walking around and there were sirens going off every half hour or so. After walking around to explore the area we realised that […]

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With it’s national cuisine featuring such dishes as pork goulash and bread dumplings, beer that’s cheaper and more readily available than water, and picturesque river and maze of cobblestone alleyways lined with beautiful 14th century buildings – why wouldn’t we love Prague? As soon as we touched down and jumped aboard our bus and train […]

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As many of you may know, I have a slight obsession with turtles, norkelling (snorkelling) and elephants. Hikkaduwa will forever be remembered as one of my favourite places for swimming with turtles. These turtles were so big I could spot them out at sea without having to put my glasses on. They’re such chilled creatures […]

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Weligama really had it all. An abundance of beautiful beaches, cheap and tasty Sri Lankan food, and top notch medical treatment. Yep, you read right. As soon as we arrived we jumped off the bus and immediately started looking for somewhere to eat. We were starving! We found a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with some of […]

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