The weather on the south coast hasn’t been too great so we used the time to relax. Well, more than usual.

We picked Tangalle as our next stop because the main beach looked amazing and wanted to explore the surrounding beaches which looked equally as beautiful. Unforuntately, it was overcast and rained both of the days we were there.

During a break in rain, we walked around the corner to Tangalle Beach and despite the weather, were quite happy with what we saw. The waves were rough, the water was a refreshing temperature but most importantly, it was (relatively) clean! Some of the sand was also red which we found pretty cool. There was also quite a few half-demolished houses along the shore which we assumed were the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami.

As Derek mentioned in a previous post, the stray dog situation in Sri Lanka is heartbreaking. Tangalle was certainly no exception. In fact, we probably saw the worst cases there. They have mentally scarred both Derek and I. It’s really upsetting that no one will do anything about it. I hate seeing how much they are suffering; it’s inhumane.

Finally having good wifi meant we were able to stream the second Bledisloe Cup match in true backpacker fashion – from the comfort of our mosquito-net fortress, on Derek’s iPhone with a can of Lion Lager. We didn’t buy enough beers to drown our sorrows though. Yet another disappointing game by the Wallabies. What’s going on boys?!

Tangalle doesn’t have the most exciting town but we did manage to find one of the best kothu string hoppers (rice noodle stir-fry) since being in Sri Lanka. It had so much flavour and the chilli to food balance was perfect. Sri Lankan cuisine is notorious for being hot, hot, hot!

The next day it was Derek’s turn to have a lack-of-fresh-food meltdown, so off we went to the local supermarket, Food City, and bought some fruit to make a fruit salad with yoghurt. It was probably the most expensive meal we bought in Tangalle but it was totally worth the giant bowl of freshness we consumed. Sorry, no photos because it was in our tummies before you could say mango, pineapple, banana!

– Neetz

2 thoughts on “Tangalle

  1. Ahhhh Neetz, we laughed and I cried with this one! I hate animals being ill treated! That first pic in this blog: I want to have it blown up and plastered all over one of our walls! Stunning!


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