The weather on the south coast hasn’t been too great so we used the time to relax. Well, more than usual. We picked Tangalle as our next stop because the main beach looked amazing and wanted to explore the surrounding beaches which looked equally as beautiful. Unforuntately, it was overcast and rained both of the […]

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Arugam Bay

To be honest, our time in Arugam Bay was pretty uneventful. That’s not to say we didn’t have a good time or meet some awesome new people, but we just spent most of our time lounging on the beach and sharing laughs with our friends from the hostel. I mentioned in a previous post that […]

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We have been a little disappointed with some of the beaches in Sri Lanka. They’re highly polluted and Kallady Beach in Batticaloa was no exception. Even though we were walking distance from it, one visit was more than enough. It really made me appreciate and miss the amazing beaches we have back home; so clean […]

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I had mixed feelings about Trincomalee or “Trinco” when I first arrived, but by the end of our three days there I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave. Our first afternoon saw us check in to our wonderful guesthouse. Now Anita and I seriously aren’t fussy. We’ll sleep anywhere really. We’ve stayed in many not-so-flash […]

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Buses in Sri Lanka have two speeds – extremely slow or ridiculously fast. Our bus from Ella to Dambulla was going so fast that Derek was using his arm as a human seat belt for me in case we got into an accident. This driver was ruthless. Overtaking without considering the oncoming traffic and taking […]

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I learnt a few lessons during our time in Ella. 1. Nothing worth having comes easy. 2. It’s fine to be ambitious but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. 3. Never rely on the maps.me app to gauge the time it will take for a hike as it’s basic distance […]

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Nuwara Eliya

As it’s turns out, September is possibly the worst month to climb Adam’s Peak. Not only is the weather highly unpredictable (resulting in little-no visibility at the summit), it was also mating season for the wild animals inhabiting the area. So on the train to our hiking destination, Hatton, we decided to pull the pin. […]

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Catching the train to Kandy from Colombo was an experience in itself. First, let me give you a quick run down on the transport over here. Public transport in Sri Lanka is dirt cheap and actually pretty well distributed. To give you an idea, city buses are around 10-20c, while an unreserved, second class inter-city […]

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Being backpackers, we are always looking for the most cost effective way to get around. Public bus was by far the cheapest mode of transport in Hanoi so we decided to use it to get us to the airport. It took us over two hours to get there but we made it just in time […]

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Well if there’s one thing Hanoi wasn’t, it’s uneventful. We experienced so much in the little time that we spent there, and made some great new friends along the way. We spent the first two days with Lam, a friend we met through Couchsurfing. He kindly collected us from our bus stop in the early hours […]

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