Phnom Penh

It’s funny, Phnom Penh was probably our least favourite place in Cambodia and yet we ended up visiting three times. This was obviously by necessity rather than choice as it’s the hub for most major transport options, but still a funny thought. Anyway, my point is that we were visiting more than once during our […]

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Sen Monorom

For those who don’t know, Sen Monorom is a small town located six hours east of Phnom Penh. It is the capital of Mondulkiri Province. Sen Monorom would have to be my favourite place in Cambodia. We loved the cooler temperature and overall peacefulness so much that we decided to extend our three day stay […]

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Anita and I instantly knew we liked Kampot when we arrived. It’s much less touristy than other places we have visited in Cambodia so far. No annoying tuk tuk drivers, no pushy vendors, fewer foreigners and generally friendlier locals. It’s also placed on a quiet river surrounded by mountains, so just a truly peaceful place. […]

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It was time to escape the city heat and head towards Cambodia’s south coast. We were so excited to finally be near the water. Lots of people told us not to spend too much time in Sihanoukville but Derek and I have loved our four nights here. Serendipity Beach is nothing special as it’s heavily […]

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