So the 12 hour bus ride was awesome. We had the best seats on the bus. They were on the second level and had an open view of the road. Not only were we surprised at how nice the bus was, but we were surprised to learn that meals were also included in the ticket price! The bus stopped at a market and the driver directed us to an eatery which had a table of food waiting for us. We had no idea what any of the dishes were but it looked and smelt delicious. Derek was super hungry and quick to start eating. I took a mouthful of the first dish and thought “woahhhh this is HOT!”, and I love chilli. I heard Derek make the sound I know he makes when things are too spicy and turned to look at him covered in sweat! After that mouthful, he steered clear of that dish for the rest of lunch. Thankfully, the other dishes weren’t as spicy and we loved the entire experience as it allowed us to try dishes we wouldn’t usually. After a long 12 hours we caught a taxi to our hostel, Bed Station Hostel, and called it a night.

The next day we decided to explore the city. Our first stop was MBK Center which is levels upon levels of shops and market stalls. It’s incredible yet overwhelming all at the same time. There was just so much to look at!

We decided to walk back towards our hostel and find some tasty street food for lunch. We found an alley near our hostel full of street vendors and hole-in-the-wall eateries. By this time, we were so hungry and couldn’t decide what to get so we settled for our first Pad Thai in a little restaurant packed full of locals.

By chance, friends of ours were passing through while we were in Bangkok, giving us one night together. Just our luck, it was Buddha’s holiday meaning no alcohol was allowed to be sold anywhere until after midnight. We did have a great catch up though over some Tom Yum soup (the best in Bangkok apparently) and a mocktail on Ellie and Tom’s hotel rooftop.

The following day was the Taling Chan Floating Markets and by far the best thing we did in Bangkok. We arrived early in the morning to avoid the crowds and heat.  The floating market was not as huge as the others we had read about but found it to be truly authentic. We were basically the only tourists there, the rest being locals. You could buy a whole crab for 250THB (10AUD). We had some amazing food looking over the canal and I bought a bunch of fresh lychees for only 50THB (2AUD). We also bought a packet of what looked to be shiny, colourful chillies but were actually little sweets that tasted like red bean pancakes – YUM!

For the remainder of the afternoon, we checked out the Chatuchak Market, Bangkok’s largest market. It definitely lived up to it’s reputation however we enjoyed Jatujak Green Markets (next door) the most. For our last night we hit up Bangkok’s party strip, Khoa San Road, for one last beer in Bangkok.

Next stop, Siem Reap!

– Neetz

2 thoughts on “Bangkok

  1. Absolutely great blog and photos – keep it up guys, as it is a though we are travelling with you both! love d and m xo


  2. Hi Dek & Anita; What a hoot; something that Thel and I should have done 70 years ago; we are enjoying your blogs immensely- keep up the good work; take care of each other, love and good wishes Pa and Thel XOX


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