Phuket Town

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally touched down in 35 degree, 75% humidity, Phuket.

We dumped our bags at our hostel, 2W Cafe & Hostel, and decided to find ourselves some food. We found a bustling street vendor around the corner who keenly sat us down and tossed some menus at us. We opted for what seemed like an authentic-style chilli basil chicken and rice, a mere 50THB (2AUD). Anita struggled to ignore the wafts of typical Thai “street smell” while eating; it didn’t bother me as much. After finishing up, we decided to head back to the hostel to rest up.

We woke up bright and early the next day and took a short stroll to find some breakfast. We found a little eatery which offered chicken two ways, “Phuket’s crispiest pork” and rice, along with a soy dipping sauce, broth, fresh herbs and chilli sauces (Anita’s favourite). I also bought a Thai milk ice tea, and all for 75THB (3AUD)!

We spent the rest of the day dodging the pushy vendors and gawking at the local delicacies of Ranong Road, Phuket’s central market, before checking out the beautifully preserved buildings of Phuket Old Town.

After a long day of wandering, we put our feet up for a cold beer. Yep, Anita too, who has commited to choosing beer over mixers in an effort to save money while in Asia. She claimed that she enjoyed the beer while it was cold, although her facial expressions said otherwise. Following a quick bite for dinner, we headed back to the hostel to pack for our 12 hour bus trip to Bangkok the next morning. Yay.

– Dek

5 thoughts on “Phuket Town

  1. nice little selfie at the end their guyyysss! you’ve taken me on a journey…when i close my eyes i feel like i’m there! … then i open them, and i’m in my cold room, thanks.


  2. Fantastic photos – food looks great. Yesterday we had Jeni and Ash’s wedding – had a great time. Wish the weather was better – still, we keep exploring! Take care d and m xxoo


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