Vancouver – Part II

So after an incredible five and a half months touring the unbelievably breathtaking countries of Canada, USA and Mexico, we’d finally crossed the boarder back into Canada, headed to not only our last stop on our four-wheeled journey, but also the very last of our stops on our #hamrodtravels journey around the globe. We booked […]

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Seattle – Part II

On our return to Seattle, friend Boyd very kindly offered to not only let us use his apartment’s parking spot again, but also take up a bed in his guest room. After sleeping in the back of a slightly stuffy and damp van since Milwaukee, we enthusiastically accepted. We arrived in Seattle early that afternoon, […]

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Portland – Part II

As we made our way back towards the weird and wonderful city of Portland, we remembered it was quite hard to find discreet, long-term overnight parking so thought we’d spend a night camping just off the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, perched alongside the Columbia River, looking across at the state of Washington from Oregon. Although […]

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After our early morning hike and perfectly greasy diner breakfast in Ogden, we continued on our way across and eventually out of Utah, entering the state of Idaho and headed towards the capital city of Boise. Although we’d had some cold nights all across the states, it was in Idaho that we really started to […]

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Anyone planning to visit the USA will likely share the same itinerary: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, then perhaps Boston and/or Chicago if they have time. The thing is, there are so many incredible places to see outside of these major cities. Places that are missed, and often sadly not even considered. […]

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The next day we headed south from Black Hills to Denver, Colorado, but not without a stop in Fort Collins, a town known well by old roomie Tommy from Puerto Escondido, and where he used to live and work a few years back and recommended quite highly. After a bite in town at our favourite […]

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South Dakota

We had a very long drive ahead of us from Milwaukee heading west to Colorado. The plan was to drive across the south of Minnesota and a lot of South Dakota, stopping first at a recreation area a few turns off the highway for the night. After ten long hours of driving with only a […]

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We pulled into Milwaukee late afternoon, arriving at our friend Nick’s place a few hours before he himself arrived home from work. We had met Nick at a WorkAway in Prague a year or so before where we renovated an apartment together over the course of a week. We exchanged details before leaving and as […]

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As we were close (ish) to passing Niagra Falls on the way from Boston to Chicago we thought it’d be silly not to make an overnight stop, so after a very long drive across Massachusetts and upstate New York, we finally reached the falls as the sun began to fall. We parked at a nearby […]

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After four nights of action-packed New York we decided it was time for us to continue our way up the east coast to the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Although having to cram what we wanted to see and do into one night in order to stay on schedule, we felt it certainly wasn’t impossible with […]

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