South Dakota

We had a very long drive ahead of us from Milwaukee heading west to Colorado. The plan was to drive across the south of Minnesota and a lot of South Dakota, stopping first at a recreation area a few turns off the highway for the night. After ten long hours of driving with only a […]

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We pulled into Milwaukee late afternoon, arriving at our friend Nick’s place a few hours before he himself arrived home from work. We had met Nick at a WorkAway in Prague a year or so before where we renovated an apartment together over the course of a week. We exchanged details before leaving and as […]

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As we were close (ish) to passing Niagra Falls on the way from Boston to Chicago we thought it’d be silly not to make an overnight stop, so after a very long drive across Massachusetts and upstate New York, we finally reached the falls as the sun began to fall. We parked at a nearby […]

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After four nights of action-packed New York we decided it was time for us to continue our way up the east coast to the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Although having to cram what we wanted to see and do into one night in order to stay on schedule, we felt it certainly wasn’t impossible with […]

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New York

As we handed over what felt like our hundredth toll for the morning, we finally crossed the state border into New York city, almost instantly joining an unavoidable long line of traffic. We continued our drive through neighbourhoods, under tunnels and over bridges, finally reaching our friend Marlee (aka Molly) and boyfriend Daniel’s apartment in […]

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With a city so rich in history and home to such attractions as the Independance Hall where the Declaration of Independance and US Constitution were created, or the iconic symbol of American independance, the Liberty Bell, you’re probably wondering how we possibly decided to start our self-guided tour of Philly? With a giant Philly cheesesteak […]

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Washington D.C.

We rose super early in Raleigh to make our four hour drive across Virginia into DC, just in time to meet friend Tommy at the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins NFL game. Yep, combined with the previous night’s NHL, it was going to be a big weekend of sports. We weren’t actually attending the game […]

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